What are our Employers are both looking for & not looking for.

It would be great to get a list of companies that hire people with criminal records. WELL GUESS WHAT, THERE IS!

The truth is that there are some companies hire many people with a record. They look for people who have the skills and abilities to do the work, even if they have a criminal record. Others may be afraid that people who have criminal records won't be good workers. We don't think that way!

Depending on what your crime was, when it happened, and the job that you’re applying for, there may be mitigating factors that employers will take into consideration. For instance, there's a difference between a single instance of car theft 25 years ago, and a dozen convictions for car theft.

In most cases, if your past crime is related to the position you’re seeking, it can (and likely will) be used to disqualify you from the job. For example, if you were convicted of embezzling money, the odds of you getting hired as an accountant are slim to none.




The first question you have to ask yourself is whether it matters that you have a criminal record before applying. Although there are some jobs require a clean record, many do not. Of those that do, most only require that your conviction not be related to the job in question. In fact, an employer can only legally deny you the job if your crime would prevent you from performing the inherent requirements of the job. This has to be more than a logical link to the job in question and must be related to a specific person for a particular job. Depending on the nature of your crime, you may still be eligible to apply. The main professions that will require a clean or mostly clean record are:

  • Any job working closely with children
  • Police and corrections officers
  • Security professionals (including Bouncers, Security Guards, Locksmiths) and Private Investigators
  • Lawyers, Public Notaries, Justices of the Peace
  • Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists and other health professionals
  • Members of Parliament and public office holders
  • Company Managers in certain associations
  • Conveyancers, Real Estate and Land Agents
  • Bookmakers and Gaming Licence Holders
  • Liquor Sellers and Publicans


In some cases, it may already have cleaned itself with previous crimes not appearing on your police check. This is because in Australia, certain previous convictions can become spent. Your criminal record doesn’t include spent convictions in any way. This means that you don’t need to tell an employer about it either. A conviction is eligible to be spent when it meets the following conditions:

  • It has been 10 years from the date of the conviction (or 5 years for juvenile offenders)
  • The individual was not sentenced to imprisonment for more than 30 months
  • The individual has not re-offended during the 10 year (5 years for juvenile offenders) waiting period
  • A statutory or regulatory exclusion does not apply

There are exceptions, however, including serious, violent, or sexual crimes. Be aware that certain circumstances such as Working with Children Check may still reveal spent convictions. Each state handles this process differently however and you should check with your local police force. If you live in WA for example, you have to personally apply to have eligible previous convictions classed as spent.



Sometimes there is apprehension toward hiring from this demographic, but we can help to mitigate that risk and give incentive to employers to give someone a second chance to care for their family.


The federal government pays for a free fidelity bond for six months in the amount of up to $5000 to guarantee against theft and fraud. It can be requested by either the employee or the employer.


The federal government also offers a tax credit for hiring from this demographic in an amount up to $9000 depending on qualifying circumstances.

Wouldn’t you give someone a second chance if they could add value to your workforce and risks were reduced? Let us tell you how we can do this at no cost to you!


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