Reemployment and Emergence Assistance Coordination (REACT) Team


Reemployment and Emergency Assistance Coordination Team, REACT, is the state’s focal point in dealing with the dislocation of Florida’s workers. 

Provides rapid response to coordinate services for employers and/or workers affected by temporary or permanent layoff. Information may be accessed by calling (727) 524-4344 and ask for REACT.

REACT is a team of state and local community representatives who plan and coordinate assistance for Florida’s employers and workers affected by temporary and permanent business layoffs. Direct assistance is available to workers through the Regional Workforce Development Boards.

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 established REACT as a rapid response dislocated worker unit to implement statewide rapid response activities in Florida. Locally, REACT members are led by the state’s 24 Regional Workforce Boards. At the state level, REACT members serve as the Governor’s Rapid Response Dislocated Worker Unit, which oversees and supports transitional reemployment activities of locally led response teams. 

The Florida statutes, Chapter 445.003, requires that rapid response activities be included in the state plan. The purpose of this plan is to coordinate efforts at state and local levels to assist workers who have or will be dislocated from their jobs due to a business or plant closure, a major employer downsizing, natural disasters (such as floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes) or other acts of nature that cause the dislocation of 50 or more workers. Key strategies in Florida’s system are to:

  • Provide occupational and skills training information to eligible incumbent workers who are at risk of losing their jobs
  • Facilitate immediate assistance for dislocated workers
  • Monitor the health of Florida industry sectors