First Mid Day Mixer & Meeting... Success!

We enjoyed mixing up our traditional workforce monthly meeting for the month of August. We changed the location to a local fav :) . Callaloo right on the Deuces!

Our meeting began at 10am led by Br. John. He explained the mission of St Pete Works and some of our current projects. Then each Committee had an opportunity to present the data collected and needed over the past 30 days.

After the meeting, 10:45-11:00am the mid day mixer began. People were networking and talking amongst each other. The restaurant was also getting business as people were ordering lunch and using the 10% off discount that Callaloo offered to the attendees of the SPW meeting that day.

As the meeting reached noon, the SPW Marketing team offered a little activity designed to better understand what everyone does and how the different companies and department could possibly help each other.